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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Circling the Airport; or, Doctor's Visit Update

It's that time in my cycle again: early days. Nothing to pee on. Nothing to check yet. No phantom symptoms or pressures to have sex. It's nice, but not so conducive for blogging. There's really just not much to say!

I did have my check-up on Thursday with my Gynecologist, which was pretty uneventful. Lawyer Guy left work early to come up and be with me while I had my blood drawn for my thyroid test. But the doctor was backed up, and after she did her routine exam she said, "I'm going to take your blood sample myself right now." And she did right then and there! She was MUCH faster than the nurse/assistants had been the previous times. I barely had time to react between her strapping on the tourniquet and tapping the vein. I didn't pass out or get sick or completely panic. I shook a little afterward with chills, but was able to get them under control by the time I left the exam room to find my husband. He was proud of me and so was I!

My doctor said the results will come back in 7 days, so sometime next week. If the levels are elevated then I'll go get a full thyroid panel at another lab. We'll see what turns up.

My doctor was unconcerned about us not being pregnant yet. She said two unsuccessful cycles of trying to conceive post m/c were too short a time to get worried about. I'll be returning for another visit in August, which is when I'm due for my pap, and which will also be right when we finish out 6 months of trying for pregnancy #2. At that point, if I'm not pregnant again, we'll talk about what comes next.

So I'm still in the holding pattern of the last year, and there are certainly *worse* places to be. I know that I can get pregnant without intervention, but I also know that a past pregnancy is no guarantee of a future one. I guess I'll just put August in my mind as the date: if we get pregnant before then, that will be great, but I'll mentally try to prepare myself to not. In August we'll also take our Scandinavia trip (we're planning 10 days to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Norwegian fjords--MUCH on this in future as the plans progress), which will ideally lessen the blow of any bad reproductive situations. Or at least provide a distraction.

In the meantime, it's CBEFM pee sticks, temping every morning, sex on demand, legs over the head, and all the other delightful perks of long-term baby making. Oh, and my new "wonder drug," a cup of red raspberry leaf tea every morning. It gave me my first cycle with no breakthrough bleeding in two years! Give me time and I'll be acupuncturing and alternative-remedying with the best of you.


  1. It sounds like there is much to look forward to for you and with "August" looming in your head as a TTC deadline of sorts, it's great that you have such a wonderful trip planned!

  2. sounds silly, but for shits and giggles why don't you throw in some "preseed" into the routine? It can't hurt, and (perhaps coincidentally) the cycle I used it (it was our 8th cycle trying for pg #2), it worked. Others swear by it too... why the hell not, huh? Good luck!!!

  3. I've actually used preseed too, it definitely can't hurt!!! And your vacay sounds awesome, and perfect timing...although I'm seriously hoping you're KU on your trip!! And you're so right, the beginning of you cycle = super boring, in terms of TTC!! Hope you can keep busy until it's "go time"!!

  4. I'm so proud of you!! You handled your bloodwork like a champ!!

  5. Fingers crossed for a pre-august bfp. The trip does sound great though, looking forward to hearing all the travel plans.

  6. Glad the appointment went well and hope the TSH levels come back normal. Your trip sounds amazing! I am half Finnish and I've always wanted to go to Helsinki, but the closest I've gotten is Iceland. My dad lived in Copenhagen for several years and still talks about what a cool city it is. Can't wait to hear more about your plans!

  7. With a trip planned in August, you are sure to be pregnant by then. That's the way these things work:) Sounds like a great trip though.

  8. It's good to have a plan. I believe with my whole heart that you guys will prove your doc right and get KU up before that summer deadline. Nice job on the blood work...no matter what the results show, it will be good information.

    And I hear you on not having much to blog about. I feel like my life is one never-ending holding pattern right now!