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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can't See the Parade For the Storm Clouds; or, This Sucks

Three days of High fertility on the CBEFM and no (Zero. Nada.) EWCM?

Walk to a pharmacy over a mile away only to learn they're all sold out of Preseed?

Return home to open a health insurance statement informing me that I may owe $20,000 for the privilege of having my dead baby scraped out of my uterus five months ago?

I think my options are this:


Or this:


  1. I don't know, if you look at the FF gallery, lots of people get pregnant without visual signs of ewcm.

    I don't usually get much or any ewcm, but still managed to get pregnant twice. I do notice that my arousal fluid is more copious and has a slightly different consistency, though, around ovulation.

    I bought some pre-seed but I keep forgetting to use it. I don't like it at all-- it is too slippery! I only use a tiny bit (way less than it says to) and then we are just sort of sliding around, sensation-less, for the first few minutes until it sort of wears away or whatever...

    But I still keep meaning to try it when it actually 'counts'! It just seems so much more important to maintain the mood than to excuse myself to shoot up with nasty goop.

    People do swear by it though...

  2. p.s. Don't pay!!!! No fucking way!!!!!

  3. WTF! Kick you when you are down, biches. I'm sorry about the bill. It's frustrating to have something that ought to be covered no question get kicked to the customer.

    I get no real ewcm (had to take a minute to figure out what ew was). I've been pregnant lots, so listen to Leslie here, too. Plus, I really didn't have that much after I turned 30 to begin with, so I was on the decrepit cooter choo choo back then. My acu says that a lot of women don't get it, so it's not indicative.

    Hang in there. Deal with the Ins later and grab a glass of wine. Break out the good stuff you've got kicking around and have a great night with LG.

  4. ya know what i'd do? i'd call your insurance company and scream at them in the morning. whether through your school or your hubby being a lawyer, i'm assuming you have great insurance and that you shouldn't be seeing such a bill, yes?

    dh asked my old clinic ONE MONTH AGO for a copy of all of his bloodwork. he's followed up once a week since then. and i even called last week to find out what the dealio was. today, i was stressed at work and needed to yell at someone, so i called them and CHEWED THEM OUT saying this would potentially screw up my next round of treatment (i lied). they said my hubby only asked for bloodwork since january (all his tests were nov-dec, *grrrr*) but i didn't care. someone shoulda told us in the previous 5 conversations instead of just saying they'd send us the paperwork.

    today, i wasn't taking any bs from anyone. i chewed out the poor fella on the other line, and next thing you know, the guy guarantees me i'll have it in my mailbox by saturday. i took down all his info, short of his social security number. and all i have to say is - it better be in my hands on saturday.

    moral of the story: perhaps kicking some bootay will make you feel better? and a glass or two, or whole bottle for that matter, of wine sounds muy delicioso!!

    ps - i'm the same as leslie. i always forget the preseed and then when we do use it, it's a goddamn slip and slide show for 5 minutes. icky!!


  5. In the absence of EWCM, you can actually just stick real egg whites up there.

  6. There's no way that isn't covered. Just no way. God, I hate the damn insurance companies. They make everything so overly complicated and difficult. Deep breaths.
    BTW, the pre-seed doesn't aid conception, it just doesn't hinder it. So no worries that the pharmacy was out.

  7. F- you insurance company!

    Keep doing your thing on the covering-your-bases front. Hopefully you get some EWCM to confirm ovulation, but as the other commenters said, it's not necessary for conception.

    Bodies are mysterious things! (Ha, how's that for an understatement?) Keep us posted Secret Sloper!

  8. Ummm, WTF!! I would definitely be going with picture #1 above. That is insane and just cannot be right?!?

    As for the preseed, it definitely doesn't ensure anything. BUT, I did like using it those months when there wasn't an abundance of EWCM...for peace of mind if anything. You can always get it on drugstore.com but sounds like you need it yesterday. And there were definitely months I was IUIing and the nurses would doing there thing saying I had tons of EWCM up there, yet I didn't see any signs of it on my own...so it could be there!!

  9. Eff your insurance company. I hope that the statement is wrong...there is no way in hell they shouldn't cover a D&C. NO WAY. UGH.

    There can be EWCM even if you don't see it like Andrea said....hoping you get luck this month. I'm sorry for the rough day...hugs.

  10. I vote for Funny Girl. :)

    That absolutely has to be a mistake with the bill. Either your health care provider didn't submit something correctly or your insurance company is one corporate-sized douchenozzle. Ugh. What a headache.

    WRT EWCM...sigh. I could never figure that stuff out. Some months there was a disgusting abundance, and some months, well, not so much. That I could detect, anyway. I always read that you should take something with guaifenesin in it around your fertile time if you have EWCM issues--it brings up/thins out mucus (hate that word) of all types, including that of the babymaking variety.

    Hang in there, Funny Girl. ;)

  11. Hang in there... I actually did use the preseed (I think I used less than half of the packet) and that was my bfp after eight cycles. It could be a coincidence, but hey, it is worth a shot, right?

  12. Order some preseed online and have it rush shipped? I'm sorry about all the extra pain and suffering!

  13. p.s. I just remembered someone saying something about grapefruit juice... (drink it a few hours beforehand). Let me know if you try it, and if so, if it works!

  14. I never got EWCM. Ever. I invested in the preseed, just in case it might help.


    When it rains, it pours...

  15. Okay, I gotta ask. . . how did your D&C total $20k? My D&C (which I did not have to pay a dime out of pocket for, but we still got a statement on - so double check to make sure that's not what it is, just an EOB "Explanation of Benefits") was only $1500 and I was fully put under. Did it itemize what possibly could have cost hat much?

  16. $20,000?!!
    I say do all three - in good measure.