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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grin and Bear It; or, Enough of this Moping

I'm a grump.

Lawyer Guy has to prepare for a hearing all weekend. I've got ridiculously awful student papers to grade. My MIL is bummed that we're skipping the Mother's Day gathering at SIL and BIL's. I still haven't had a Peak reading. I had to cancel my therapy appointment to go to a lecture I'm really not interested in. Worst of all, one of my (and your) bloggy friends received the heartbreaking news today of a second miscarriage. Things seem bad, bad, bad right now.

I may not be in a place to see the positive in this situation or in your situations (sorry mom, can't do it), but I can see the positive in other things. So damn it, I'm gonna smile:

- LG and I are going to see His Girl Friday at Film Forum on Saturday after he finishes work.

- Bella the Havanese makes the most ridiculous sounds when she sleeps. She's snorting and wheezing right now and I love it.

- We are thisclose to getting the last piece of our income tax puzzle from my dad and filing and getting that amazing refund.

-The office that performed my d&c last November has claimed I will not owe any more than the $500 deductible and the check my insurer wrote us (fingers crossed this is borne out).

- I get to shop for dresses for my 30th birthday party, and I'm getting something sparkly.

- The weekend of my 30th birthday is the Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and The Philadelphia Story at Film Forum.

- All three of my little sisters will be living in NYC this summer.

- Lawyer Guy has been a sexual machine this month (hey, the least I can do is give the guy props when he deserves them after airing his dirty underwear like that).


  1. LG= sex machine= AWESOME.

    Oh, and the sparkly dress-- that's something to be excited about.

    Glad today is a good one. *hugs*

  2. I'm glad you're finding things to smile about, and that you're good with just the deductible. Insurance freaks me out--which is why I ended up not getting a d&c with my miscarriages.

    Enjoy your sisters! I would love for mine to come live here in Boston when she is older!

  3. No!!!! Not Al!!! I am going over there right now. Ohhhh ohhh ohhh. WHY???????????

    Dude, this sucks. Maybe we SHOULD stop trying. Today, I give up.

    Glad you're having good sex and a sparkly dress. Can't overestimate the power of those, even at a dark time like this.

  4. This is all good stuff. Sparkly dress and lots 'o sex, especially. :) Another good thing: we get to meet in just eight days!!!!!! Yip, can't wait.

    Keep your chin up and don't look back on your Mother's Day decision. You're slammed with work and, darnit, it's crucial to look out for yourself!

  5. I commend you for finding rays of sunshine. I hope you will post a picture of the dress you choose. And I adore both those movies, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

    Life is full of pain, isn't it? If you can find comfort in these small but beautiful things, I think that's really wonderful. I hope the peak reading shows up to raise your spirits, and that you finish the awful student papers, 'cause I know those always make MY life feel wretched.

  6. we should all just stop trying to get pregnant and tell ourselves that we don't want babies. bc i dunno about you, but i tend to get things that i don't want. so, that's my new approach. i'll let you know how it goes :o)

    *yaaay* for few things: LG being randy this month, for your birthday, pretty cherry blossoms, and esp for that sparkly dress. what do you have planned for the occasion?

    i hear you on the *grumpy* front today. my sadness ---> grumpy in the last few hours. dh is gonna be confused when he gets home tonight to his wife double fisting some beers and smoking on the couch. i don't really drink and i've smoked all of 10 ciggies in my life, but at this very moment, i'm dying for BOTH a cigarette and a beer. just one or the other won't do ...

  7. It sounds like despite the bad you have some great things to look forward to this month! Happy Early Birthday :)

  8. I love cherry blossoms AND sex, so it sounds like you've got it pretty good! :) HAHA

  9. Know what we're doing for Mother's Day? We'll be on vacation. This is the second time in as many years that I've "accidentally" scheduled an out-of-state/out-of-country trip on that Hallmarky day. It's not exaaactly intentional, I just care so little for the holiday that I don't really pay attention to when it is. Here's to sitting in front of the ocean on Mother's Day 500 miles away from my mother!

    And, if your van is a-rocking, I won't come a-knocking. Kudos to your Litigating Love Machine.

    P.S. I lurrrve The Philadelphia Story. I would love to have coffee with Katharine Hepburn one day (um, suspending things like time and death), only I think I would totally bore her.

  10. Hey Secret Sloper, it's good to make your internacquaintance! Yikes - sounds like a rough weekend. I'm staring down my own pile of student papers, wishing that I could snap my fingers and have them all instantaneously read and graded. Tis that time of year (alas).

    Very, very sorry for your loss. We had a similar experience with a heart that stopped. So very hard. Will be following and hoping for you.

    Thanks for the message and for the great puppy info. (I will also be e-mailing you some questions if that's okay...so many urban dog quandaries...).

  11. I'm just checking in to say, "yay to sparkly dress." I know it's really rough to cheer up when you feel rotten, but it seems like there are a few rays of light ahead.

    How awesome is it to have your sisters close by? I miss my one sister terribly and she's never lived in the same state since I was 14. I'm with Leslie in wishing I was there to attend your soiree. Wow!

    I'm sending you all sorts of warm thoughts and happy times as well as a really wonderful weekend with that sex machine.

  12. P.s. I need that Tagalog word! nakatutuwa?

  13. First of all, those are both awesome movies.

    Secondly, I just found your blog through one of your other followers and I'm hooked. I went through a miscarriage last year, too. Don't let your mom make you think you're handling it wrong. It sounds like you're doing a good job to me! Also, if it weren't for the other "weirdos" on the internet, I wouldn't have anyone to talk to (apart from the husband) about this shit. Rant on!

  14. Hey girl, well luckily since you joined twitter I know you peaked today, YAY YAY YAY!! So now you can add that to you fun little list. You have tons of great great stuff going on, I like it!! And now go get all over that peak and hit up some of that great sex!!!

  15. Good for you for finding the bright side, and like Basic Girl said, you peaked today! Yes!
    Please share a pic of the dress?! I love to see what other people purchase.
    Hope you have a nice weekend and get to enjoy lots of time with hubs.

  16. Whoooo, go Lawyer Guy!!!!!

  17. :) I suspect many of us have been here checking for updates all day... I'm reading about crows at a leisurely pace, and googling symptoms like a mad woman. I have none at all, besides PMS symptoms, and I guess I'll test on Friday.

    I divine from your silence on the blog front, and from your comment on my 'stage 6' post, that you are currently enjoying the relief of stage 5... nice!