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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whiny Whinerson; or Good and Bad

Today is a BAD day because:

- I had a temp drop this morning (boo)
- Right before I went to jury duty (booo)
- Where I was selected to be on a trial (boooooo!!)

and because:
- my pre-AF nausea is intense (it's a new post-m/c PMS symptom)
- and I have a tummy ache

Today is a GOOD day because:

- No blood means a teeny bit of hope (yay)
- The weather outside is delightful (Yay)
- The court had wifi so I planned the itinerary for our Scandinavia trip (YAY!)

I hope your April Fools Days were more good than bad.


  1. I still have hope for you, dollface.

    Boo for the jury duty!

  2. Ugh, boo for jury duty!! And the temp drop. But it's not over til it's over, so crossing my fingers you get a surprise BFP.

    It's a beautiful day here as well, I just sent my lunch break soaking up the sun at the park. Ahhh, it was great!

  3. After scrutinizing many of the pregnancy charts in FF's chart gallery, I've decided that post-o temps don't mean anything. It seems like lots of them get that drop right before a positive.

    I hope your trial is at least marginally interesting, and am excited for you about your trip!

  4. I'm still holding out for you!!! And boo for jury duty, although I've never even been called in for jury duty, I swear I don't think I'm on the list! And Yay for planning your trip, you'll have to give us the details!! And Chicago weather is amazing today too, love it!

  5. Wow, nausea as a PMS symptom! How cruel! I'm glad your day at least had some good in it. And three cheers for no blood! Long may it remain that way!

  6. Egad! Selected for a trial? Damn. Now you'll have to be pregnant to tell them that you are too hormonal to think clearly. I also get nauseated during my first day of full cramps, but that usually follows full flow. It would bite to have that before. I hope AF stays at bay and that these are still hopeful signs.

  7. Yes, that's what I was thinking-- in knowing WHERE inside me those little guys are hiding, I might better be able to send them good thoughts. Or, more to the point, to better direct my body not to kill them.

  8. Just duty on SB? Noooooo! Right before I left NYC I got selected for jury duty...and was the freaking foreman! It was fascinating, yet annoying if I'd been missing break for it. Nice work on planning the vaca. :)

    I am holding out hope for you, SS. Hang in there!

  9. Thumbs down to jury duty! (And to a dip in temp + nausea too!) \I'm super interested in hearing more details about this Scandinavia trip!

  10. I am so jealous! I'd love to have a cooperative 'Aunt Flo' like that!!!! Yeah, it's super disappointing, but at least you get to drink those bloody marys (mmmmmm!!!!! I'd LOVE one of those right now!).