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Monday, April 26, 2010

Temporary Sanity; or, Weekend Update

What a nice weekend! Lawyer Guy and I had dinner at the "secret" back courtyard restaurant a few doors down from our house on Friday night. On Saturday I went to a great yoga class and then had dinner in Manhattan with LG followed by a screening of His Girl Friday at Film Forum. Yesterday I went to a fantastic new church--progressive, friendly, with great sermons and beautiful music--and then read 500 pages of a rather ridiculous yet entertaining mid-Victorian novel and cooked dinner for LG, who was at the office preparing for a hearing. I got a little too ambitious and made pate brisee, with the intention of whipping up an apple and pear tart, but ran out of time for baking it. So the dough is in the freezer and I'll make the tart sometime this week.

I also... (drumroll please)... OVULATED!

Because I'm TMI-ey like that (and because I know all you pervs totally want me to overshare with you), I must point out that LG and I had sex every day last week. No, hold your applause, it's appreciated but unneeded. And of course I did have my mandatory freakout that we were having too much sex, as our BFP cycle we had sex only once during my fertile period. But then I reminded myself that if LG and I are having fun, that's the most important thing and I really shouldn't look a gift...um...horse in the mouth.

So now here I am, starting the last week of my twenties. Starting another two week wait. I feel really good. Today I doubt that I'm pregnant, but I feel good. I've got my birthday weekend to look forward to (and my meetup with SuchAGoodEgg here in NYC!). Things feel okay right now.

I can pretty much guarantee that after my 30th on Sunday I'll fall into the 1ww vortex of hope and despair. And AF's due to show on Mother's Day, which should be a nice red cherry on the top of that Sunday.

But for now, like I said, things are okay.

(And coming to a blog near you soon: potential birthday sparkle dress pictures!!)


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  2. Congratulations on achieving stage 5, and having a FUN time getting through the fertile window. That really is priceless. Not to mention giving you the peace of mind that you really couldn't have, uhh, tried harder!

    May the little love child come to be...

    (I just fixed a typo...)

    Shit, girl. You guys are like teenagers!

    I hope you have an awesome 30th. Can't wait to see the dress!

  4. holy cow - sex every day? i can't remember a week when we've ever done that! we came close during our honeymoon, and thank god i had my uti pills on hand (just in case).

    enjoy your last week in your 20's. the 30's are gonna be better, with lots of 1sts for you (including a yummy, healthy baby!!).

  5. This here pervy lover of oversharing is totally jazzed that you and LG knocked some serious boots during your fertile window! Wooo! (Really? Every day? Bow-chika-bow-wow!)
    Sounds like an enviably enjoyable weekend that you totally made the most of, lady.

    I just said this last week on someone else's blog (also turning the big 3-0) that I was totally chill about turning 30. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't the least bit bothered by it. I've always had this sinking feeling that my 30's would be where it's at. I hope the same for you!

    (And I'm so jealous you get to meet SAGE!)

  6. Wow, I take my horsehair hat off to you:) You know, a good friend swore by the every day method (and it worked for her...twice). Sounds like a nice weekend. Fingers crossed that this last stretch of your 20s gives you something awfully nice to carry into your 30s:)

  7. Every day? Yes, that's been fine. I'm glad things went well. I was hoping your weekend had some bright spots.

    OOOOHhhh sparkly dress, please!

    I'm pooped but wishing you well. I plan no other home improvement projects in the near future to devote more time to my blog world friends. :)

  8. Woooow, every day. SHOW OFF!

    I agree with Trinity: the early thirties are a nice time in life. You get to feel superior to all those late 20s folks, and spend lots of time stroking your long grey beard. On the other hand, I've never turned 30 post TTC and post miscarriage...

  9. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. And yay for ovulating! (Or should I be yaying for sex every day? Because that's just amazing!!!) Enjoy the last week of your 20s. I'm jealous of your upcoming meet-up with Egg. Have fun!

  10. YAY for the big "O" {in both respects, I guess, busy girl ;-) }

    Glad you had such a nice weekend and hoping you get some good news in two weeks.

    And have fun meeting Egg! I'm jealous she gets to meet you (since I've already met her!)

  11. Yea for the O! It sounds like you've been doing well lately in both day & night life. haha. I hope this 2ww rewards you with some wonderful news.

  12. Hah, great post...hooray for all week sex!! And double hooray for the big O!!! Please posts sparkly dress pics soon. And have so much fun with Egg this weekend, I'm jealous she gets to meet you too (since I've met her already too)!!

  13. That's wonderful you had a full week of sexo! :) And GO BODY with the ovulation. Yip, yip, yip!!

    You are in a great place and I'm soooooo excited to see meet you in just a few days. :) Hopefully between that and your bday weekend, your first week of the 2ww flies by!

  14. First of all-- yay for great dates with husbands! I need to write a post about our weekend getaway to Atlanta this past weekend!

    Sex every day for a week? AWESOME, you goddess you! And to top that off, you O'd? Fantastic!

    You are such a sweet and amazing wife to LG-- come to my house and cook anytime!!

    Can't wait to read the sparkly post!!!!