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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Next to Normal; or, Charts and Graphs

Things have been busy in the Sloper's household the last week: I'm taking three fantastic seminars for my final semester of coursework. I'm teaching another class of college freshmen how to write. I'm attending Junior League meetings and birthday parties and christenings and girls nights on the town and date nights with my husband. I'm reading a lot and writing not as much as I should be.

I'm also taking my temperature every morning:

Hmmm. Not one of my "pretty" charts of yore. But then again, those pretty charts never got me pregnant, so what did they know?

Post-miscarriage, my body feels like a stranger to me--I don't know what "normal" is anymore. I'm honestly charting to figure that out, not as some magic ticket to pregnancy achievement. Maybe that's why the terrible insomnia and anxiety that accompanied my first go-round with the BBT has been notably absent this last week or so.

Maybe I'm just all out of anxiety for the time being.


  1. Oooh, damn, I don't know enough about charting to know what that means. Don't know if it is pretty, just hope it gets the desired outcome.

  2. How does this compare to your other charts? I found the most information that I got was comparing my own charts to my own charts rather than to other people's. I figured I had never been normal with all of my miscarriages, so no point comparing myself to normal now! ;)

    And again, like you said, it doesn't matter WHAT the chart looks like as long as you get those double lines!

  3. Sometimes charting just makes everything more confusing, doesn't it?
    I'm charting this month for the same reason as you really, just to try and figure out my body's pattern and so I can recognise the changes that happen throughout the cycle.
    It's kinda funny that we both have wonky charts with a big dip.

  4. When I got pregnant, it was on this crazy cycle where I didn't even ovulate until day 18 (which had never happened before). I had literally stopped doing ovulation sticks cause I was convinced I wasn't ovulating that month...and boom, I get preggo. Go figure. I think you're so smart to focus on charting as a way of reading your body, cause it really does seem different after a miscarriage. Gook luck!!!

  5. I'm so glad to see you back here-- was starting to worry about you! Sounds like life is keeping you busy with lots of good things.

    I'm also glad to see you charting. As frustrating as it can be, it can give you so much insight into what's happening with your body!!

  6. Awesome that you are feeling a little more Zen this cycle. I hope your bod shook out the weirdness last month and you get smooth BFP sailing this time. Pretty chart or not!