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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Award Season; or, Many Thanks

Thank you! to Type A for the Happy 101 Blog Award- my first one! I have to list 10 things that make me happy and 10 bloggers I want to award. This is a great exercise for a crappy day when things just seem all wrong. I have to remind myself that even in the midst of my deepest sadness, my life is beautiful and grand.

1. Watching Lawyer Guy work on his "kitchen projects." He loves to play around with gadgets-- our new popcorn air popper, our pressure cooker. He gets so intense about making his little dishes and he's just so cute.

2. My puppy, Bella-belle. We call her the anxiety sponge. I love when she curls up against my hip when we're taking a midday nap in bed.

3. Getting an unexpected treat in the mail. My good friend Z just sent us a doggy lifevest for Bella to wear at the beach this summer!

4. Yoga. Seriously, I walk out of class feeling so refreshed and centered. It is beyond what I needed.

5. Lunch dates with friends. Enough of them are in grad school and have flexible schedules like me that I have at least one a week. They're so much more relaxed than dinner, but feel slightly naughty, too, especially when there's wine involved.

6. Jane Austen and Lord Byron. I love reading their work, talking about them in seminars, and writing about and researching them.

7. Red Velvet cake. How did I live without it until I was 25? Even better, the patisserie near my house makes Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. Awesome.

8. Having all three of my sisters live within easy traveling distance. This hasn't happened in years and it's so wonderful to see them every few weeks.

9. NY Times Saturday and Sunday crosswords. We do them in pen. In under an hour. We're hardcore.

10. Getting comments on my blog. They always give me a lift.

I give this award to:

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Thanks for helping keep me happy :)


  1. Awe yay! Love your list! It amazes me how many "infertiles" (and I only mean that in the good sense of the word... this made me laugh out loud)

    Whew... I have to start a new paragraph because that () was so long, I forgot what I was saying. I'm amazed at how many infertiles have men who cook. Is this a trend? Are they putting something in our food? Haha. Only joking.

    My husband does ALL of the cooking in our house. Thank God!

  2. Thanks for the award!

    My man does most of the cooking, too!

    Your dog sounds a lot like mine....I had her glued to me all day yesterday (sick day) and even in bed at night because my man was gone on business. I don't know what I'd do without her!

  3. Thank you so much for the award! It is the best way to start my day!

    I love watching my hubs go to town in the kitchen too. We just got an awesome new food processor and he is obsessed!

    I'm a Jane Austen nut, too. I've read everything under the sun by her, even the half-finished novels and things she wrote as a child! I have always admired how passionate you are about your academic work. It's just awesome.

  4. Thanks for the award! I like your list. And yes, Jane Austen rocks. I just bought a new collection of her books because it was so beautifully presented. Besides, there's no law saying you can't own more than one copy of a book, right?

  5. Yay!! Thanks for the award-- love your list!

    You do the NYT Sunday crossword in pen???

    In under an hour???

    Your awesomeness just reached new heights in my eyes. *hugs*

  6. Aw, yay! Thanks honey. I was smiling just reading your first paragraph ;) Hope your crappy day has turned around a bit, and thanks for the award!

  7. Thanks!! I second the joys of wine at lunch with friends.