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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coping; or, Things that Make Me Happy Today*

1) It may sound odd to say it, but I sense spring in the air. The birds have a different quality to their chirping and the sun has a mellower cast in the mornings. I can feel that winter is on its way out.

2) Snow. While this may contradict the previous statement, I love seeing my neighborhood blanketed in snow and I am thrilled we've had so much this winter. If it has to be winter, at least it's a pretty one.

3) Morning. My college-aged self would be appalled, but I like getting up at 7:30 every day now. The light has a hopeful, bashful tinge to it that it doesn't at any other time of day. It feels like a secret, stolen interlude with my husband every time we walk together down quiet, just-waking streets.

4) Jane Eyre. I have to finish the book today to present on it tomorrow. What a chore, right?

5) We're taking my father-in-law and his wife out to dinner for their birthdays tonight. We're going to this place (one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, if not the city as a whole).

6) Yellow Tulips. I bought them on Friday, and my kitchen looks bright and cheerful.

7) My husband. He's making us breakfast burritos as I type.

*CD 1. Looks like I'm taking my Orals before I have a baby, after all. Which is also a good thing.


  1. I love your list! I agree about the snow/but spring is in the air feeling. I love it. I'm getting the itch to dig outside and plant flowers.

    Have a great time at dinner and good luck with your presentation tomorrow!

  2. I am sorry to hear that it's CD 1, but love your attitude. It's a new cycle, right?!?! Have fun at dinner, it looks AMAZING and has me wanting Italian. I live in the Pac NW, so it's hard to find the "good stuff" here.

  3. Great list, I can tell spring is getting closer as well. The geese are back and while I kinda hate geese (they're mean!) I love that it means spring is closer.

    I'm so sorry it's CD1.

  4. Sorry about CD1, but I love this list - way to focus on the good things! I need to work on that :)
    That restaurant looks awesome and I really hope you are correct that spring is on its way! It's been a long winter. B told me how much snow you got in NY - I was disappointed to miss it. Sounds very beautiful!
    Have fun at dinner!

  5. Sorry to hear about CD1, but breakfast burritos sound incredible. It seems (from blogs I read and US TV shows) that Americans have different ideas about breakfast than Australians. Here it is pretty much toast/cereal weekdays and maybe pancakes or a fry up one weekend morning. Pretty boring. But breakfast burrittos - whoever heard of such a thing!

    Enjoy your start to spring too. I am starting to enjoy the cooler days and the sense that autumn is near! I am looking forward to curling up this winter in my bed as much as I can!

  6. This is such a great exercise on such a this-sucks-kind-of day. ((hugs)) I love your list! Yellow tulips, mmm, so cheerful and uplifting. I'm already hoping THIS cycle is the one.

  7. Ahhh Spring, I can hardly wait. The fact that today is March is already giving me that extra boost of hope! So sorry about CD1, but I'm glad you can get your Orals done, so you can spend all that extra time focusing on baby!!

  8. Boo for CD1. :( But, I love your list and your attitude. :)

  9. I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE SNOW! But I also appreciate the positive tone of your post. It's springy itself!