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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something Like Success; or, It Starts

Isn't this a pretty sight:

Today's a "this isn't going to work" day. Today's a "things can't be that easy" day. Today's a "don't get your hopes up" day.

But I ovulated, so that's a start.


  1. I know ZERO about charting. I thought about doing it for 3 days, and those ideas got shot down by my regular obgyn. She said she wouldn't need it for anything, and thus my excuse not to do it. ;o) BUT... I think that's good. Right? Wow. (I'm secretly already jealous. ;o)

  2. Very nice rise. Good luck :-)

  3. Excellent!!! Hurray for your 2ww!

  4. I charted so many years ago (2006?) that I can't even remember what to look for, and found the ol' smiley face on the OV kits easier . . . but I can tell from your excitement that this is a GOOD THING, so I am cheering for you and hoping Lent is just what you needed to kick this project into high gear, girly!

  5. I swear, I commented on this two days ago...but it's not there!! What I said was:

    That's a great looking chart & your timing was fantastic!!