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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!; or, Come On Girls, You Can Do It

My Dear Ovaries,

I just adore the unexpected Valentine's Day gift I found you'd left me this morning. Two Peaks in a row? How thoughtful! I haven't seen one of those since early October.

You're really just far too generous.

I feel awful that I have nothing in return. But if you're in a giving mood and can throw in some sex tonight and a temp rise tomorrow I'll do my best to reward you with nine or so months off.

And seriously, ladies. I know how lazy you are.

Your friend,

Secret Sloper


  1. Good luck! Hope they respond to your letter. :)

  2. so funny that you are talking to your ovaries! Hope the pep talk works! I might just try talking to my tubes.

  3. For real!! If they'll only do you this one small favor, a nine month break is in order!!!

  4. Haha. Love it! Let me know if that works. If it does, I may be trying the same.

  5. Come on, girls! Hop to it! :)

    P.S. How funny is it that my word verification is "mated"...???