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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lucky Number Seven

I just took my test this morning. I just heard the timer I set (for 8 minutes) go off and went back into the bathroom to see. It's positive! Clear as day, the two biggest pink lines I've ever seen.

My hands are shaking, and I'm crying as I type this. I can't believe it. I never thought I would see those two lines. Even as my period was late, and the spotting didn't come, even as I started to think this might be the cycle, I STILL couldn't picture myself actually happy after testing.

But they did show up. And I'm pregnant. PREGNANT!

I peed into a cup this morning when I woke up and hid it in the bathroom to test after my husband left--gross but devious, and I REALLY wanted to surprise him with the announcement if I was positive or spare him the disappointment if it wasn't. There's no way I could have hidden this joy from him.

Oh God, I'm still shaking. I can't believe this is real. I still feel like I'm about to get my period! This is so amazing.

A quick run down of my symptoms:
7 dpo: Dull, lower backache (right above my tail bone) that grew stronger if I sat for a few hours at a time. I also became RAVENOUSLY hungry. I inhaled a ramekin of mac and cheese in about three minutes.
8 dpo-12 dpo: Normal pms symptoms (cramps, bloating, weepiness, swollen tender boobs, loose stools). Nothing out of the ordinary. I actually got really depressed and gave up hope.
13 dpo: I realized that my skin was completely clear and a little dry. It's usually oily before AF, and I get at least one unattractive pimple.
14 dpo: My boobs shrank a bit while getting more tender. My cramps decreased and my bloating went down.
15 dpo: I could not stop eating all day.

I have so much hope and good wishes for the women of The Bump Getting Pregnant board right now, especially StefB at Baby Blakely. You'll get your BFP too, Stef, I'm sure of it. And I will be SO happy for you when you do.

I'm off to put together my surprise for my husband and get some homework done. And I'm going to carry my pee stick around with me all day!


  1. Oh. My. God.

    ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! YES!!!!!

    I couldn't wait to get up this morning to read your post-- I think I was as nervous as you were.

    The biggest congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It brings me so much hope (and joy!!) to see you get your BFP-- I wept as I read your post this morning!!

    I only hope that you'll continue posting all about your new adventures because I can't wait to read about them!!

    I know you'll be busy today planning how to tell DH, but if you have a minute, shoot me an e-mail at BabyBlakely@gmail.com. I have a question and I want to congratulate you properly!!!

    YAY!!!!! XOXOXO!

  2. Thank you!! Sending e-mail right now.

  3. I also just left you a post on your blog.

  4. Hi, and congrats! I have been following your blog for a few weeks (saw link on The Bump) and am so very happy for you!

    My husband and I just started TTC this month (am in the nerve-wracking 2ww), but I was attracted to your blog because I am a big fan of Park Slope and because my husband and I are a lawyer-academic couple as well.

    Anyway, big congrats to you and your husband! I can't wait to hear about his reaction.


  5. By the way, I've re-read this post about 20 times today. It makes me happy. :)

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