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Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the Whirlwind; or, Updates at 26 Weeks (2 Days)

I failed my one-hour glucose screening. Not by a lot: my practice's cut-off is 129 and my glucose level was 135. From what I've read, this is below the cut-off in less conservative practices. But the upshot is I'll be taking the three-hour Glucose Tolerance Test on Wednesday morning.

I was pretty upset when I got the results from the office. I had visions of testing my blood four times a day and of insulin shots. Of no more sweets or fruit or carbs. I felt like a failure-- I've tried to eat healthfully, with lots of fresh vegetables, next to no packaged or pre-prepared foods, and only the occasional treat. My weight gain has been a moderate, steady 2 pounds a month throughout second tri. How could I possibly have gestational diabetes?

This will sound whiny, so I apologize in advance, but I'd been feeling really good physically lately and was both grateful and proud of it. After all the struggle to get to this point, it was such a source of pride and comfort that my body seemed to like being pregnant. We might have had trouble making healthy babies in the first place, but once we (apparently, cross fingers) got one, everything seemed to be going well. The thought that my body was betraying me once again got me very down.

But after talking to various people, including my mother (who had GD after gaining 50 pounds in one of her four pregnancies), I feel a lot better. I've been able to mostly put the upcoming GTT out of my mind and focus on more immediate tasks and pleasures this weekend. I've also gathered that if I have GD, I'll probably be able to deal with it through diet modifications that don't seem too awfully restrictive. I should be able to manage them even while traveling in California. And there's a reasonable chance that I'll pass this second test (I hope so!), especially given the borderline result on the first.

And of course, the only important thing is that Smudgie is healthy. As long as he or she continues to thrive, I will take whatever comes my way.

* * *
Otherwise, life is busy but happy here in the Sloper household. We continue to make progress cleaning out the second bedroom--we've got bags and bags of books and CDs to donate next week. We're researching renovating that closet to make better use of the space and trying to find an affordable solution. We're thinking about ordering some baby furniture in a month or so. We did order (with my mother) the invitations to my upcoming Labor Day baby shower.

We also went Facebook official last weekend. After the 25-week growth scan, I consented to let Lawyer Guy say something (which he had been champing at the bit to do for months). While I'm still scared and worried about something going wrong, I also know that at this point I would want to publicly acknowledge Smudgie no matter what happens, so an announcement feels like less of a threat.

We bounced some ideas for what he could say back and forth for a while, but nothing really sparked. He wanted something more than a bare-bones "We're expecting a baby in October" post and I didn't want anything self-aggrandizing or too attention-seeking. Then last Saturday, while we were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, we spotted a giant orange construction sign reading "Bump Ahead". So I posed in front of it showing the bump off in profile and we posted the picture without explanation and that was that.

The response to our announcement was sweet, but not over-the-top and I feel happy about the way we handled it. Because it was all so impulsive, I didn't have time to warn my friends still suffering with IF to hide my profile. But I hope that the post being so simple helped with whatever pain it might have caused. Over the past week, a few people have congratulated me on my wall, and I've thanked them as simply and briefly as I can. I haven't posted anything about the experience of being pregnant and I don't know if I will. I don't feel the need to, honestly. But I may post a few nursery pictures when it's finished and I plan to upload a picture of Smudgie after the birth along with his or her name, assuming all goes well.

* * *
In one week (on our fourth wedding anniversary!) I'll finally be in the third trimester. LG leaves for an out-of-town hearing in two weeks. I leave for California in four weeks. My baby shower is two weeks after we return. I officially take my oral exam (qualifying exam for my doctorate) on September 9th, the day I turn 36 weeks.

There's a lot to do and not much time to do it in. But there's also so much to celebrate, and I am so happy to be celebrating this summer. I may not have time to write much in the upcoming months until my exam is finished. But I am trying to savor every happy and special moment to its fullest.


  1. I failed my first GD exam and went for the 3hr. one and passed. I'd rather the dr.'s be more conservative and take every means possible especially when you've already had a loss. And like you said you've already been eating healthy and taking care of yourself so if you had GD at least you will not have to make huge adjustments in your lifestyle. Stay focused, you're more than 1/2 way there.

  2. I'm so happy to hear you aren't stressing (too much) about the 3 hour test. I've had a lot of friends in your situation and all came away from the 3 hour just fine. I know you will too:). And I LOVE your "bump ahead" idea...so creative, understated and appropriate!

  3. I had the same experience with needing--but barely--to move on to the 3-hour test, which I then passed. There is every chance that the few points pushing you over came from some vagary in your diet that day. Given that you're feeling healthy, and your weight gain has been perfect, you'll do fine on the 3-hr. test. However ... when it came time for my (easily passed) 1-hr. test for my second pregnancy, I thought I'd play it safe, and I did some online research about good foods to eat during the 24 hours before the test that would keep my blood sugar low. You might want to do this before your 3-hr. test, just as insurance. I don't recall the details, other than lots of protein--I remember eating a good hunk of roasted chicken a few hours before going in for the test.

  4. I also failed my 1-hour test...by 9 points, and their cutoff was 140. I still failed the 1-hour portion of the 3-hour test, but all the others were within normal ranges...so I think it is VERY likely that you'll pass the 3-hour test with such a slightly elevated 1-hour.

    Wow...26 weeks!! So soon :)

  5. I'm usually a lurker and have been following since our due dates are very close (Oct 8 for me). I just want to chime in to reassure you how common it is to fail the one-hour test. I failed with my first pregnancy and passed the 3 hr. In fact, in my practice they warn you that it is just a screening test! Lots of false positives. Good luck!

  6. Ditto! I was 142 on the 1 hour, and cleared all of the 3 hour blood draws except the one at that pesky 1-hour mark. I am pretty sure you'll pass...

    Your fb announcement sounds really sweet. Maybe you can post the pic on your blog (cropping your face). :) I hope we get to see nursery pics and the baby name as well... if you don't share the baby's name here, I may try to extract it from you... I'm kinda dying to know whether we're in for a Simon Kelly, a Nell Isadora, or a Josephine Edith (or???). See, all your name choices are so well-chosen that they just stick right in my head!

  7. hang in there
    i just looked at your pics, you are the cutest!!!

  8. If you want my take on the glucose screening (of course you do!), it's that one reading is effing worthless. Seriously, blood glucose levels fluctuate SO MUCH that it would be so much more effective to send women home with a home glucose montoring kit for a week and monitor and record levels at intervals during that week. Except that either people wouldn't do it, or they'd lie about it to save embarrassment. But especially with a borderline reading like that, I wouldn't worry too much. It could just be that time. If you're really worried about it, you can go get a diabetes monitoring kit and monitor your blood sugar yourself as well; they're only about $40-50 at the pharmacy.

    As for your FB announcement, I think it was fine. Caveat being that I think that FB announcements in general are fine and I really only hate the constant complaining and AWing. But really, it was cute and subtle and it had to be done, and you did it and it was fine. I also don't really understand the idea behind warning IF buddies first anyway. The sting of the announcement is because it's another "Lookie, lookie, I'm pregnant!" but so is saying, "Hey, I'm going to talk about my pregnancy on FB tomorrow." To-may-to, to-mah-to.

    So rest easy, my friend :)

  9. I'm so sorry about the GD scare, hon, but I really think you'll probably pass the 3 hour test. BUT, like you said, IF you have it, everything will be ok.

    I LOVE your FB "coming out" post-- and I'm so proud of you for doing it. It's a huge step. Speaking of big steps, get that nursery furniture ordered soon! Our crib took almost 4 months to be delivered.

    Love you so much, friend and I'm so glad that you're happy and healthy. XOXO.

  10. Eh, Sloper, I'm sorry! You are SO not alone with this! As you can see from so many of the commenters above, failing the one-hour test is totally normal and happens to even the most fit and trim preggos!! I would almost guarantee that you pass the three-hour. I'm not sure if this helps, but maybe workout the morning before your test and then do the test FIRST thing in the a.m. Working out keeps the sugar level low. Not sure if it works or not but that's what I did w/my early GD test and will do for the one in a couple of weeks.

    Speaking of, I'm scared to death I'm gonna fail this next one. But we can't do anything about it at this point. It is what it is.

    And your FB post was awesome. I loved it :). Simple and adorable and understated. I worried, too, about my IF friends on FB (there's really one one) so I wrote her after the post and she said it didn't hurt her and that she's just excited for us, etc. BUT thanked me for checking on her. It's such a fine line to walk.

  11. It sounds like a lot of great, positive stuff is happening in the Sloper household. I'm really damn happy about that.

    Also, I have all the hope in the world that your first gestational diabetes test was a fluke and you'll pass the second with flying colors. It sounds like you're really taking to pregnancy! (Much better than I have been, anyhow)

  12. I also failed the one hour and just failed the three hour two. I have written a post similar to yours about the same GD related issues. So hoping pass the next test, but if not I'm around and happy to lend a ear.

    Www.1st please.blogspot.com

  13. I'm sorry about the glucose test, Sloper:( I'd feel similarly. I just had mine and am waiting for results, and feeling nervous about it. I realize that it's very difficult NOT to think of it in terms of your body letting you down. But your body is a fierce mama lion. It takes care of Smudgie every day, round-the-clock. It is creating something wonderful.

    My SIL was borderline and was also sent for the three hour test. I think she was the high end of normal with the second one. And from what I've heard soooo much can throw things off. So I take the fact that you wouldn't have been over the threshold at other practices as a very, very good sign.

    Your facebook announcement sounds wonderful. Subtle. Tastefully done. Glad you did it.

    There IS a lot to do in the next few weeks. Crossing fingers and toes for all of it: for your travels (may they be smooth), for your exam (may it go well).