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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Dear; or, We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Cycle to Bring You...

The Time: Last night.
The Place: Oh, hovering about 5 inches above the toilet.
The Cast Members: Secret Sloper. And Egg Whites. A lot of them.

Cue Internal Dialogue:

Huh? Egg white CM? The super gloopy, just-came-out-of-the-egg kind? You shouldn't be here yet. I'm only on CD 7. You're a good 2 weeks away.

Unless-- maybe those 4 days of heavy spotting last week weren't a period. The bleeding was really brown. And consistent, but not heavy like usual. With no bright red flow. I assumed it was an effect of the d&c. But maybe it was just some kind of whacked-out post-miscarriage body readjustment that only seemed (and felt) like a period.

Maybe this is CD 34. Maybe I'm ovulating really late. Maybe it's CD 7 and I'm ovulating really (really, REALLY) early. Maybe I'm not ovulating at all and you're just a big old party crasher.

Maybe we made a baby yesterday morning.

During the cycle we're supposed to be avoiding.

Shit? Yay?

*End Scene*

Should I be happy? Freaked? Concerned? I'm definitely confused.

And yeah--we had sex again last night. Just in case.


  1. Whether it's early or late or whatever it is, EWCM = AWESOME!!! Glad you are covering your bases. :)

  2. Hhhmmm. I guess your body could be all out of whack since the D&C. My doc told me the only real reason they say not to try in that first cycle after miscarriage is that you don't know your real dates because your body isn't regular yet. Small problem if you get pregnant though. Good luck.

  3. Should you be: Happy? Freaked? Concerned? I don't know. Probably none of the above.
    I think it's an interesting development. So maybe you should feel... intrigued?

  4. I am noting the hope in your voice, so whatever it is (or what day it may be), I like it.

  5. Intrigued--that's a good response. Not too much pressure, not too much pessimism. Thanks, I like it :)

  6. Wahooo...Atta Girl. Way to get back on the horse, so to speak. ::wink::

    Are you going to go back to using the CBEFM?

  7. You should be happy, definitely happy. :)