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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Of Mice and Men; or, My Best Laid Plans

Okay, I lied (just a little) in my previous post. I do have some--let's call them "intentions" for 2010 beyond the babymaking that lies in the realm of the wished and longed for. I still refuse to call these "resolutions," because that term implies to me a desire to radically unmake or alter or shift or switch the current course of one's life, and that's not what I'm planning to do. I don't need to lose 50 pounds or change my career or move to a new state. I just need to advance a little farther along the path I've already set for myself.

So that being said, here are two categories: Intended Achievements and Intended Explorations.

Intended Achievements in 2010

1. Finish my course work for my PhD, including all incomplete papers.
2. Put together my Oral Exam committee.
3. Draw up my Exam lists and begin reading.
4. Take my Exam (possibly deferred depending on certain life changes that may necessitate taking a semester off next year. No more needs be said).
5. Help my husband more with housework.

Intended Explorations in 2010
1. Develop a yoga practice.
2. Travel to Scandanavia
3. Visit at least one new restaurant in Brooklyn each month.

So there we have it. What I wish and what I intend, what I'll accomplish and what I'll explore. Modest but important goals that I anticipate successfully completing.

Not a bad way to start the Awesome Year of Hope and Achievement, no?


  1. "Intended Explorations" and "Intended Achievements" have an awesome ring and feel to them, love those phrases.

    I want to develop a regular yoga practice in 2010, too! And I want my hubs to finish all his PhD stuff, so we can begin planning our future. :)

    Happy New Year, Secret Sloper!

  2. You can do all of this and more... 2010 will be your year, hon!!

  3. Sounds like a great plan for the year! I especially like your goal to visit Scandinavia and try a new restaurant each month. Maybe I will add those to my list! Except, restaurants in Chicago, not Brooklyn ;)