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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chickening Out, in More Ways Than One; or, Another Day, Another Doctor

I had my annual check-up with my Gyn today, at which I chickened out as always and didn't tell her I've scheduled an appointment with an RE for 45 odd days from now. She was giving me the, "Six cycles isn't that long to try, just relax and keep going" routine, and I just didn't want to get into the rest of it with her. I love her and how supportive and kind she is, but she's not one to get worried quickly. And, I don't know, I just felt awkward and uncomfortable telling her about this other appointment, like I was cheating on her or doubting her professional judgment or something. So I didn't.

Because I'm on CD 23 and haven't ovulated yet, she did a quick ultrasound (Hi Wandy! It's been a while. Come on in, make yourself at home!) to check out my ovaries. There's a giant follie on the right ovary that she said is ready to pop in the next few days. Yesterday I finally started getting high readings on the CBEFM, so that confirms it.

She was struck, however, by my uterine lining. It's thick. Really, really thick. So thick she made me take a pregnancy test at the office just to make sure (and I don't need to spell out the result of that test do I? I mean, I think you all can assume by this point, if the 4-foot, ready-to-blow follie didn't give you enough of a hint). From cursory googling, I've seen that delayed ovulation/longer follicular phases can lead to extra lining build-up. And my doctor said it's possible that the raspberry leaf tea I'm drinking has thickened it. But she also wants me back in after I get my period to check for polyps. Great.

So is a 1.3 cm lining absolutely insane before ovulation? Will that harm my chances of getting pregnant? She told me not to worry about it and she didn't tell me to stop drinking the tea--or to keep drinking the tea for that matter. She didn't say anything about the tea other than that it can stimulate lining growth.

I can't help thinking of my dear friend Egg and her lining issues and all the stress and heartache and worry they've caused her. And here I am with the exact opposite scenario, but similar fears. Why is my body not right? What is going on down there? How can I make it better?

If anyone with more expertise on lining could weigh in, I'd appreciate it. Though I'll be honest and say I'd really rather hear that this is awesome and fine and not a problem than the reverse (not to stack the deck or anything). I feel like bad news will be coming around the bend soon enough, so why hurry it before there's anything I can do.


  1. Well, because I'd so much rather look this up than do my actual work, I just did a quick google search for you and found this:

    "In general, 8-13 mm is good, less than 6 is potentially a problem, and greater than 15 or so might possibly reduce chances for successful pregnancy."

    from: http://www.advancedfertility.com/uterus.htm

    So it sounds like you are in the 'normal' range. I don't know if that is reassuring to you or not at this stage...

  2. I know you don't want to hear this, but your lining is completely normal. In fact, I'm jealous. Mine never made it over 7mm. That's a story I'll talk about next. The only time to worry is if you lining was getting thick but you weren't ovulating. So you're good to go. I know you're trying to be detached from this natural cycle, but I say make the most of this great info your Gyn shared and time to have some fun at home (or where ever!).

  3. Could I maybe snag a couple mm of that lining? I don't have any wisdom to add, so I thought maybe I could, you know, make your worry work for me. Am I selfless, or what? Good to know that that's what the tea is supposed to do; I might have to get me some. Hope Leslie's research above is reassuring to you; sounds as though you've got yourself a cushy place to host a little one. Get to it!

  4. I'm not sure what to think, I know that my lining wasn't thick enough the first time to support the pregnancy and after they put me on progesterone my lining got really thick. Then this cycle with my BFP I didn't take the progesterone, had a very delayed O - latest to date I believe and bam...sticky BFP (so far...*knocks on wood*) So maybe a thick lining isn't horrible? I know...I'm of no help.

  5. I can't help as far as the uterine lining, though I would imagine it's good news rather than bad - do you tend to have heavy Flo's after longer cycles? I hope you're able to get some good information about this.

    And I understand about your not telling the doc. I really do. It gets very hard when others are pulling for us and advising one thing or another. But my thinking is that your GYN doesn't even need to know. And, very hopefully, the next time you see her you'll be in a completely different place.

  6. Yeah my friend, this is great lining. GREAT! My first RE wanted it at least 8-10mm and said too thick isn't even on his radar til it's over 15mm. I'd love to take about 3mm of yours in my next cycle. Haha. And I think raspberry leaf tea is like, seriously, the ONLY thing I haven't tried for my lining. So clearly I will be stocking up on that for my next go 'round!

    That's SO awesome you got to see your biggie follie and know you're about to ovulate!! Please hold Slopie's golden eggie, follie!!! It's like you went to monitoring, like the rest of us RE-addicts. xo

  7. Hmmmm, I only have experience with thin lining. But I think you're probably better off at the higher end than the lower as far as implantation goes. Just my humble, non-medical opinion. :) It's possibly that the tea is making it just a little extra cushy. More comfortable for a bean, I suppose!

    I'm glad she did an u/s and spotted the follie. What are you doing blogging, anyway? Get to BDing and catching that egg!


  8. I have no idea about the lining issue, but remember that as nice and wonderful as this doc is, she is an ob/gyn. She is trained to treat fertile women with normal pregnancies, or infectious/surgery type gyn issues. NOT fertility issues. So I'd smile and nod, and ask the RE what s/he thinks.

  9. I'm not an expert on lining, but have heard what the others wrote that 8-10 is ideal, but it's nothing to worry about a few mm more than that. Plus, it's great news that you're about to ovulate. This could be your month!

  10. I think that it's the ob/gyn's job to help keep you calm and healthy...it's the RE's job to get you pregnant. No one at that appointment is going to tell you to "just relax"-- Thank God!!