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Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's All In the Timing; or, Effing Eff Eff

This what my Fertility Friend chart looks like today (I couldn't post a screen cap of the image like usual, so this will have to do):

She (because of course FF is a she-- a snide, bitchy, gets-pregnant-at-the-drop-of-a-condom kind of she) seems to think I ovulated three days ago. I do not agree. I think I ovulated yesterday. My post-o temps are usually 98.0 or above, and today's temp is the first to fit that bill. Plus, ovulating on CD 19 would mean ovulating on the very first peak day and before my EWCM dried up, which seems unlikely.

I also kind of want to have ovulated yesterday, rather than a few days before. The timing of certain events would be more propitious, shall we say.

Of course, FF could always change her mind (she's fickle like that) depending on what happens with my temps in the next few days. And maybe the timing was good regardless of which day I ovulated. Maybe it was bad for both days. I just don't know. I wasn't charting during our BFP cycle, so I don't actually know when we had sex in relation to my ovulation. I don't know what's good timing for us and what's not. I don't know anything!

Either way, I've got a plan for myself during this 2ww: DO NOT OBSESS!

Do not obsess. Do not obsess. Do not obsess.

Do not obsess.

Repeating that to myself over and over will totally work, right?


  1. FF is a total whore. I don't think she knows what she is talking about.

    Any new info?

  2. On the upside, you are OVULATING!!!! That is awesome. I am sending SO MANY good thoughts your way and hoping your timing, however it works out, was good enough to get it done this month!!!

  3. Hoping that fickle FF moves your crosshairs to Friday and you get some great news in a couple of weeks. Hope you can keep busy during the wait :-)

  4. You have lovely temperatures.
    I hope that you ovulated when the, ah, TIMING was better, but either way, it's a great start that you ovulated and that your chart looks so tidy.
    Good luck!

  5. FF is a fickle friend... She changed my O from CD28 back to CD24 like two weeks later. I'm still convinced that I O'd on CD28 (check out my chart if you want)-- If that's so, I got pregnant having sex 3 days before I ovulated.

    Still hopeful for you, friend!!

  6. What if you twist her arm?:

    "If you wish to use your OPK as your primary fertility sign, [Click Here] to switch your ovulation detector to the OPK/Monitor detector."

    p.s. I *lied* to FF this morning (that bitch!). I messed up on temping, so I told her that it was the same temp as yesterday, JUST SO THAT I COULD SEE THE CROSSHAIRS APPEAR. Do I sound like a desperately insane woman or what?

  7. Ugh, FF makes me crazy!! I haven't used in awhile...but I know I didn't like her most days when I did. I'm hoping the timing worked out, and those crosshairs move to your prime time!! Good luck this tww, totally hoping for that xmas baby for you!!!

  8. Oh yes, not obsessing will be no problem at all (I myself experience no difficulty with it), and will certainly just get easier every day!

  9. B*tch. Really, she is one. Offering to put on my best sh*t-kicking black boots and come beat her up for you?!

  10. I don't know how to read charts, but good luck and I hope the timing was optimal no matter what FF says.

    Thanks for your comment on baby naming. I didn't know you were an expert in the field! I really like a few of the names you chose, Agnes is lovely, will just have to run things by Cowboy!