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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary; or, How Do You Measure a Year?

365 days

68 CBEFM pee sticks

Dozens of vaginal ultrasounds

14 pregnancy announcements

11 birth announcements

9.5 cycles (7 failed, 1 successful, 1 forced break, 1/2 in progress)

8.5 weeks of pregnancy (1 post fetal demise)

4 pregnancy tests (1 positive)

1 miscarriage

0 babies


  1. Wow....I don't even want to think about my statistics for that.

    I pray for a BFP for you every night.

  2. wow!! thats a whole lot to go through in just one year!

  3. Love the Rent reference.
    Hate your shitty year.

  4. Wow-- only 4 pregnancy tests? You have serious willpower!

    What's the inverse of 'congratulatons'? con-"no thanks"-ulations?

    Does the 1-year feel particularly sucky? Or like more of the same? Mine's coming up in May...

  5. Here's hoping this year is a whole lot simpler, and that your figures for miscarriage and baby are inverted. No reason to think it won't happen!

  6. What a year. Hoping this year is much, much different - specifically, that the baby count is one (or perhaps 2?!).

  7. I am just hoping that your stats dramatically improve in this next coming year.

  8. It is time for things to turn around for you. Hoping this is your month!

  9. This IS your year, its so awful when the anniversary is approaching...but as far as I'm concerned once you past it, all bets are off, and its a clean slate. I have such high hopes that baby count will go from 0 to 1 very very soon. Hang in there!!!