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Thursday, January 7, 2010

WWYD?; or, Hi, Internet Friends, Weigh in on My Sex Life

CD 24

The stats:
- Still getting that damn High reading on the CBEFM (grrrr)
- Still having sex (I refuse to say "baby dancing") every other day.
- Still having the occasional sharp twinge in the general direction of my ovaries
- As of last night, still covered in EWCM. (and I mean covered. I'll spare you the details).

So...how long do I keep this up? Until I get a Peak or it drops back to Low? Until I get my period (whenever the hell that is)? Until the egg whites dry up? I've had them for over a week now!

I'm doing okay, because I remind myself that I o'd on CD 25 last time. But if I don't get that Peak tomorrow, I'm going to be pretty gutted.

I just wish this could be easier.


  1. Keep on doin' it. Sigh, I know, you're ready to be done with it already.

    If you want a "War Story" from one of us to give you a sense of comraderie, here's mine . . . since our challenge in getting pregnant waa due to three reasons: (1) husband's poor sperm morphology (shape), (2) my reteoflexed (slightly tipped) uterus, and (3) a narrow cervix. My regular OB (whom I love) would have me do the OV kits, then come in on day we got the nod that I was about to ovulate. He'd then dilate my cervix (which involved, um, me laying on the table with feet in stirrups while a long skinny probe-like q-tip hung out of it to coax the cervix to open/relax and stay that way for 45 minutes). Then we were to rush home, and have, in OB's words "se.x, s.ex, se.x, s.ex, se.x, s.ex." Like as manay times as humanly possible in the following 48 hour period, and preferably "From behind" due to the retroflexed uterus. The two times this worked for us (though it resulted in m/c's #2 & #3), happened to coincide with my husband having injured his back (golf), but we trudged ahead anyway!!!

    We were SO sick of each other by the end of it. Okay, we were sick of each other by the 3rd time we had done it, and we were doing it 6-7 times a day, for two days straight.

    Now, this is because his count was high, but the quality was low. Other dr's might advise differently, obviously.

    Hope this tale from the trenches gave you a smile ;o)

  2. I've never used a fertility monitor, only the digital OPKs, so I'm not quite sure. I'd say keep making love until you get a peak or stuff dries up. Can't hurt, right!?

  3. Just to clarify, we always used the digital OPK's, the one that give you a "Smiley face" when it's time to go boom-boom-boom. I do not recommend the cheaper ones where you are forced to examine the lines to see if one is equal to or dark than the other - tried them early on and they drove me crazy. The digitals ain't cheap, though.

  4. Keep jumping DH. Since you're not temping I can't say "Do it until you get your temp shift," so maybe until you don't see any more EWCM??

  5. Just to add to Ms. J's comment above-- I use the Digital CBE OPKs (my cycles are too long to use my CBEFM) and the monitor test sticks work with the Digital OPK!! So if you want to use the digital to confirm whether your actually ovulating or not (smiley face or circle) you can!

  6. *shakes Magic 8 ball* All signs point to KEEP GETTIN' IT ON. I'd say keep it up until your peak, at least. ;) Good luck, and hang in there!

  7. Good on you for refusing to say 'baby dancing'! :)

    I don't know much about temping, but EWCM is always my cue to go for it. That, and my sex drive.

    Hope CD25 is lucky for you again.