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Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Interrupt This Usual Whine to Bring You...

Some incredibly happy news.


Stef and I began reading each other's blogs around the same time last summer. We're both 29, we both started trying for a baby in March, we both struggled with irregular cycles. She was my first blogger friend and knowing there was someone else out there in the trenches who understood what I was feeling was such a comfort.

When I got my BFP with the m&m she was so kind and generous with her support, despite the frustration she herself must have been feeling. And when we lost the baby, she went above and beyond for us in a way that touched me so deeply.

Stef is a wonderful person who truly deserves every blessing and I am thrilled for her and Rob.

CONGRATULATIONS STEFANIE! I know you are going to have a healthy and blissfully happy nine months and I'm so excited to follow along with you on them.

(And ps: You're making me think seriously about this whole Clomid thing :) )


  1. Isn't is nice to be able to celebrate somebody's success?! (since we wanna usually scream or cry when we are forced to endure the announcments of the fertile myrtles that surround us in real life).

  2. You are a dear and precious friend. Thank you for always being such an encouragement to me-- you have made the last six months of this journey so much better as my constant companion!

    I know that no matter what happens with this pregnancy (good or bad) I can turn to you.

    2010 will be amazing for us both, I just know it!!

  3. That's so great! Congrats to Steph, you're next dear!!

  4. Only good for you, Stef. Only good.