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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Obligatory Freak-Outs; or, My Reunion with LaWanda

I suppose it was inevitable I'd eventually make a freaked-out emergency call to my doctor's off-duty line. Maybe I should feel happy it took me 22 weeks to get there.

On Sunday I was having a lot of uncomfortable cramping. Nothing super painful and not accompanied by any spotting or unusual discharge, but strong and consistent enough to worry me. The cramping started around 10 am, and by the time we got home from our weekend out at the beach (about 5:30ish), it was still going. I didn't think I was feeling any contractions, but since I don't know what they feel like, it was hard to tell. And Smudgie was a bit less active than usual. My worry was ratcheting higher and higher with every ache (and--I have to admit--with every webpage I consulted after googling "signs of preterm labor").

At 6:30, feeling like a fool but too scared to stop myself, I broke down and called the answering service. A few minutes later I got to speak with one of the doctors at my practice (the only one I've yet to meet in person, actually), and explain what was going on. The doctor was understanding and helpful. He said the symptoms didn't sound overly concerning and that the pain was likely due to a growth spurt in the fetus/uterus that occurs around this time and that I should rest. He said he would contact the office to get me in for a cervix check and ultrasound just to give me peace of mind. With this news, I felt my blood pressure lower and was able to send LG off to his baseball game and settle on the couch to watch The Bachelorette.

I went in yesterday morning already feeling a lot better. The cramping had subsided and Smudgie was kicking away. Lawyer Guy had a work meeting, so I went alone, which was fine, though I had to silence that little inner voice that whispered this was when things were going to finally go wrong. Smudgie's thumps and bumps on the ride over helped.

So, after a glorious reunion with my old friend Wandy and a quick abdominal scan (during which I managed not to see any baby genitals, hurray!), the upshot is that my cervix is long and closed and the fluid levels look good and the heartbeat is good and everything seems positive.


The doctor I met with after the scan said to keep an eye on the cramping and to not be afraid to call if something worries me again, and I will. Better to go in for no reason than to stay at home fretting or not go in when there is a reason.

In celebration last night, I ate my weight in sour gummy peaches and reassured myself that I'm not an anxious freak at all.


  1. LaWanda! I love it! And I too am a sucker for those peaches. Particularly the Japanese ones. For me, it was kind-of bad luck that Halloween hit right around the end of my 2T. Meaning I ate my weight in skittles and starbursts (Literally, Eric came home to find me lying on the bed, surrounded by hundreds of little candy wrappers, saying I didn't feel so good...) Ah, pregnancy!! I DON'T miss it. Especially not the freak outs. Ugh!!! Those are so awful and harrowing. I'm so relieved that Smudgie is OK.

  2. Always better safe than sorry!! Glad everything checked out okay - I was having BHC's every 20-30 minutes Friday afternoon. I made it home and laid down, and they went away, but yes - it was scary for a little while there.

    Stay put and grow, Smudgie! Sour gummy bears are a great solution. :)

  3. So happy to hear everything is ok, that the freakout was (somewhat) momentary and that you were able to get a call and an appointment so quickly. Please rest & relax. Xoxoxo

  4. I'm so glad you went in for peace of mind and that all is well with Smudgie.

    In far less important news, I am somehow getting roped in to the Bachelorette this season. The funny thing is, my hubs is the one who turned it on each time :)

  5. So glad to hear it's all going well and that news was reassuring. My first thought when I read your opening sentences was "more fluids!" Not saying that had anything to do with your cramping--but I recall that warm weather hit around the same point in my second pregnancy as you are now, and it took me a few weeks to figure out how much more I needed to drink during the day to keep the occasional contractions at bay.

  6. It's so reassuring that our docs take our fears seriously. I'm glad you and Smudgie got a quick check to make sure everything is OK. The 20-24 week period was a rough one for me, mostly due to my fibriods, but also because of all the general growing/stretching going on.

    I'm happy to hear you and Smudgie are hanging in there:)

  7. Oh man, Slopie, I am SO SORRY you went thru that worry. (FYI: I went in for re-assurement ultrasounds two times by 10 weeks, and I was already getting wanded weekly!)

    You are doing so incredibly awesome! And are SO CLOSE to the magic 24 week number. And then 26 and 28 and 30 and 32 and 34 and then it's all icing. Day by day, week by week, you are doing this. xoxo

  8. Oh well, got it out of the way :) I'm sorry for any worry that you must suffer, it's just not in the cards for this to be a carefree experience for the likes of us gals, I'm afraid. And maybe it's not a bad thing, probably makes you more assertive with a concern, and that could be a good thing versus someone who's so uninitiated into all this medical crap. Do what you gotta, lady, to get through each day.

  9. Oh, babe, that sucks... and I SO know where your head was at during that time. I've been there! Much better safe than sorry, like you said. I'm glad they got you in for an ultrasound and everything was great.

    Also...gummy peaches, mmmm. I never ever crave gummy things, but have been wanting tons of that shit lately.

  10. You are so not an anxious freak:) And, actually, reading that there can be growth spurts around this time makes me feel better because I've had a few pings and pangs myself lately (I have an appointment next Tuesday).

    So glad the doctor was good, and kind, and so glad that everything on the ultrasound looked GOOD.