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Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Days; or V-Days

First of all, I need to shout a little bit in honor of VIABILITY DAY!!! 24 weeks! Yeah, baby!!

Now Smudgie, this is by no means an invitation for you to come out and join us just yet. Aside from the fact that we're not at all ready for you (and you don't want to sleep in a shoe box, do you?), you're not ready for the world yet. You need to stay in there and get nice and chubby and build up your lungs and learn all sorts of new tricks before you're ready to come out. I don't care how many times you kick my cervix, my stance on this is not changing.

With V-day upon us, it's time that I faced up to a few things: a) there very well might be a baby on the way in roughly 3.5 months, and b) we need to step up our efforts to get ready for him or her, regardless of how scared we might feel.

That being said, it's time for an update on out progress in the potential nursery. If you recall the last time I updated on the room, things were looking dire. Well as of this afternoon, the room looks like this. Brace yourselves:

On the off chance this image leaves you feeling less than impressed, I must point out that it took us three weeks to: try to sell the desk and twin bed on craigslist; realize that people are too afraid of bedbugs to buy things on craigslist anymore; call around to a bunch of charities in the city; realize that nobody wants FREE donated furniture either; call a moving company; have them haul the stuff out of here and to the Salvation Army; learn that the Salvation Army has higher standards than one would assume; have the movers dump it all.

So we wound up paying to have perfectly good furniture thrown away, which offends whatever frugal parts of my soul lurk deep within. But what else could we do?

Bella is mildly traumatized by the ordeal of watching her bed and favorite chair (in the living room) be carried out never to return. I'm mildly traumatized by the fact that the prospective doula we were supposed to meet with last night never showed up and still hasn't contacted us. But these are subjects for a less momentous Friday.

And for anyone who is interested: fresh belly pics await.


  1. Delurking (I've been reading since Smudgie first came along) to say 'Yay for V Day!

  2. Ok, you have to admit the furniture thing is kind of funny. Except for Bella. It's not funny for her. Poor thing and her change-o-phobia.

    Congrats on v-day, it's a big one :)

  3. How annoying! I spent all yesterday on three different sustainable farms/communities and hearing how no one will reuse perfectly good furniture makes me feel even more embarrassed for "regular" wasteful life than I did then.

    Woohoo for v-day!

  4. i never knew until we moved few years ago how HARD it is to GIVE AWAY FREE FURNITURE. i ended up wasting 2 vacation days WAITING for the salvation army to come get my awesome barely used furniture and the idiots kept flaking. finally, i rescheduled but went to work thinking they wouldn't show and they did, while i was in a meeting. got home in time. getting back on point, the nursery is looking soo much more cleared out than last time. yaay for progress and for v-day :o) xoxo.

  5. Woo-hoo! Viability!

    How funny that it's hard to give away furniture in NY! Here in CA, people will buy anything, I mean ANYTHING, on craigslist. I am super excited to see the nursery progess!!

  6. yay for V day!!!! I am very interested in belly pics, by the way and maybe even getting to meet you in person some day.

  7. WOW! 24 Weeks!! YAY!!!

    Crazy how people don't want free furniture! The room is really getting there and it looks great!

  8. I'm still way too nervous to think about a nursery. I'm pretty sure we won't buy the crib until September...

    Congrats on 24 weeks! It does feel like a big milestone doesn't it? And then you realize that baby is still way undercooked! Stay put, Smudgie!

  9. Happy Viability! But stay nice and cozy where you are, Smudgie. :)

    YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Also, hooray for progress on the nursery! So weird that it was so hard to give away your stuff! Bella must have cursed it. ;)

  10. I can't believe they didn't take your damn furniture! That would bug the hell out of my frugal personality, too.

    Good job on getting that project completed.

  11. Happy happy V-Day!! I can't believe you had to pay to have perfectly good furniture thrown away. That's so sad. I understand not wanting a mattress given the whole bed bug epidemic, but other furniture? Really?

    Congrats on making so much progress! I'm jealous. We're 8 weeks until LB's due date and 3 weeks away from moving, so I'm hoping it'll all come together in time.

  12. Happy happy V-day!!!!!! Awesome on making nursery progress....but that super-sucks no one would take on the furniture. Darn bed beg scare! xoxo

  13. Congrats on making it to 24 weeks!! Keep growing little Smudgie.