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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Smudgie Quickie; or 21 weeks

We had our follow-up anatomy scan this morning (21 weeks exactly). Everything looks good: all the things they wanted to check-up on are present and accounted for and Smudgie's growth is right on target (he/she is at 52% right now). Smudge was sleeping for most of the scan and did not want to be woken up, the little sweetie. Smudge sleeps the way I do--one arm flung over the head--and let out a big yawn at one point. Awwww.

I asked lots of questions of the doctor afterward: about some crazy awful pain I'm having in my tailbone, about my practice's policies for working with doulas and allowing med-free births (both of which I'm considering but haven't committed to), about movement and weight gain (too little?) and the like. The doctor gave me nice, thorough answers.

I have a lot to update about how I'm feeling and how things are going, but that can wait until after this holiday weekend is over. I wanted to let everything know that so far, things are holding steady. I go back in four weeks for another growth scan and my GD screen. Until I reach 24 weeks, I'm just going to try to hold onto the image of my sweet, sleepy baby.


  1. Three cheers for the Smudgester and his/her folks! Sounds great, Sloper. Viability, here we come! Enjoy the weekend. xoxo

  2. so sweet, I am so happy for you!! Hoping for smooth sailing from this point forward. Much love to you and smudgie...

  3. yaay for a great scan!! sounds like it was a great way to start a long weekend, which i hope was nice and relaxing for you guys. you are looking great in your belly pics!! xoxo.