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Monday, October 3, 2011

Progress!; or, 39 Weeks

I spent much of the past week feeling frustrated over last Monday's lack of progress. I worried about going overdue, needing to be induced or have a c-section, and just the uncertainty of not knowing when labor will strike. I began feeling a few more prelabor symptoms--backaches (sometimes coordinated with cramping, sometimes on their own), pressure in the pelvis, occasional exhaustion. But I still had enough energy and felt nimble enough to attend a wedding about 45 minutes outside of the city with Lawyer Guy on Saturday night. And to do it in 4-inch heels, no less (we lasted until they served a selection of pies at about 10 pm. I had to stay for the pies).

I fully expected to be told this afternoon that I was still high and closed and that the various aches and pangs and discomforts I felt all week had amounted to not much.

But no! I'm 3 cm dilated and the doctor felt the baby's head when she did the internal exam! (That explains the feeling that I've been carrying a bowling ball between my hip bones, I guess). I also started losing pieces of my mucus plug today-- delightful globs of what looks like creamy brown snot. (Too much information? I thought some might want to know for future reference).

The doctor thinks I'll likely go into labor on my own, possibly before my appointment scheduled for next Monday. I can't believe Smudgie could be in my arms in less than a week! Less than a week until we can hold him or her, give a name, find out who this little person is.

I know that I could be waiting quite a while longer--people have walked around many centimeters dilated for weeks. But this was the boost I needed to help me enjoy whatever time I have left until Smudgie arrives. Time with Lawyer Guy and Bella, time with myself, time to read and rest and dream of the little baby I hope will be with us soon.


  1. Wahoo! Cannot wait to hear the news of Smudgie's arrival! You have waited for so long and my heart sings with joy for you! :)

  2. I can't help but think of when we sat around my dining room table and discussed how much we longed to hold a baby in our arms. Words can't begin to express how exciting this is and how very happy I am that soon, all your struggling, dreaming and hoping will become a reality in one cute, healthy, adorable package that you'll get to hold in your arms! I also can't wait to see how Bella reacts! LOL! Wishing you all the very best!!!

  3. You are getting very close, Sloper. And I'm glad that the news has made you able to enjoy these next few days - I can understand that.

    (And I take my hat off to you...I cannot imagine either a 45 minute car ride OR high heels, wimp that I am:)

  4. Oh man...exciting! I'm feeling so anxious for you!

  5. So exciting!!! hope little smudgie comes soon!

  6. Granted, I did not go full-term, but once I hit week 35 I felt like pregnancy was a looming surprise party I'd found out about via the grapevine . . . I knew that it was going to happen, but nobody would tell me when the party was going to be, LOL.

    I'm thinking about you, lots.

  7. Yay!!!! I'm so excited for Smudgie's imminent arrival!