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Monday, September 19, 2011

Towing 6 Pounds; or, Okay, I'm Finally Willing to Admit I Feel Crappy

Last week, I told myself I'd be happy to be pregnant forever. I felt great, if big, and I could do this for another 3/4/5 weeks.

This week...not so much.

I'm finally there: in waddling, can't get a decent night's sleep, carrying a bowling ball around inside me territory. I've also either got an attack of the worst fall allergies of my life or I've caught Lawyer Guy's cold-- I'm tired, run down, sniffly, sneezy, sore throat-y, and achey. As I flopped and strained in bed last night, my pelvis aching as my heavy belly pulled it toward the mattress, my bladder crying to be emptied for the 4th time, and my nose rubbed raw from the number of times I'd blown it, I thought for the first time that I'd be okay going into labor sooner rather than later. Even if all the closets aren't reorganized yet.

So I'm now in official count-down mode. There are 2.5 weeks left until my due date, 3.5 until a likely overdue induction date at 41 weeks. Crazy soon from a mental, emotional, and practical standpoint. Crazy far from a physical one.

The good news is, according to our appointment this morning Smudgie looks great. Good movement and tone and fluid (another 8/8 on the biophysical profile), and they estimated his or her weight at 6 lbs 5 oz. I pick my jaw up off the floor after every one of these sessions. What a big baby! Good job, Smudgie, keep growing big and strong!

There's unfortunately not much rest for the weary around these parts. After doctor's appointments all morning and afternoon, I've got pediatrician consults tonight and tomorrow night, and I'll probably have to attend at least one on my own because of LG's work schedule. I've got to finish writing my thank yous today or tomorrow, bang out a quick freelance writing assignment, and finally cut the tags and wash some clothes and pack our hospital bag.

But I'm also going to go drink a big glass of orange juice and take a nap. I'm going make sure LG and I get out to some dinners and movies. I'm going to read a trashy novel or two and get a prenatal massage and a pedicure. Feeling good (or at least a little better) is a worthy goal too, even it's effects aren't as tangible as last weekend's Reorganize the Bathroom frenzy.


  1. I hope you feel better soon so that you can do all those restful things on your to do list. I made dh drink emergen-C continuously in the last few weeks, thinking that since I was being a hermit, that he was the only one capable of bringing germs home to me. So, was my way of trying to avoid sickness but it didn't work so well :o) smudgie sounds like (s)he is thriving. You are sooo close! I was pulling my hair out in anticipation by this point bc the three other girls with due dates right around min all had their babies three weeks early and mine came three days late!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. You are so close and it can be tough toward the end. I'm glad to hear you're making some pampering plans!

  3. Welcome to the end, dear Slopie. This part is miserable and goes slowly...hang in there. Having a cold on top of it is really the pits!!

  4. ohhhhhhhhh, so close yet so far, I cant wait to hear that the baby is here and you can have your body back!! Rest as much as you can nnow!

  5. I think you are doing such an awesome job and I love that your long to-do list includes connecting with LG and some pampering for you. Your 3T has been insaaaaaaaaaaane between school and work and travels and I am so dang proud of you. Getting so very close, sweet friend!!!! xoxo

  6. I am SO excited for you! You are SOOOOO close! I, too, felt the same way until about an hour ago--I was like, man, I could do this forever. I love feeling the baby moving so much right now. And then, the kicking in the ribs began and the combo of serious extra iron supplements I'm on with a fricken stool softener and I've quickly changed my mind. Let's get this show on the road! Can't wait to hear that you're going into labor!! Please keep me posted somehow either via Twitter or email or something!! xoxo

  7. You made it longer than I did-- after feeling perfectly pleasant for my whole pregnancy with Liam, I hit a wall around 36 weeks. My back hurt, I wasn't getting any sleep, I was waddling and the heartburn was killing me. But, I made it another 5 weeks. I laugh when people say, "Enjoy your sleep now!" No one is getting any sleep when they are nine months pregnant.

    Hang in there, honey-- It's so close and the day you meet your beautiful Smudgie will make it all worth it!! I can't wait!!

  8. The countdown is on. What a wonderful thing. Enjoy all the pampering you can in any way you can get it. I am a fan of that in any form!

  9. Come on out smudgie!! Hope you feel better soon and that baby comes out soon. I hit a wall around 37 wks too, I was just so exhausted, swollen, uncomfy, etc. Before that I was feeling great and so happy to be pregnant.

    Can't wait for you to meet your lil guy or girl! The nursery looks GREAT!